I'm Wade Hammes, a front-end developer living in Washington, DC. I believe in simple, clean semantic code. The web is my passion, along with music & running.

Recent Work

  • Spartan IT - Responsive Web Design & Development

    Spartan IT

    Spartan IT approached me with a need to finally get a digital presence on the web for their awesome backup services.

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  • The Tombs - Responsive Web Development

    Clyde's Restaurant Group

    The Tombs, an old landmark on the Georgetown University campus, approached us to modernize their web presence while keeping the old school feel.

    Credits / Art Direction: Sean Wallace ⋅ Designer: Jia Li

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  • Pappas Group Slant - Responsive Web Development

    Pappas Group

    On the cusp of a new rebrand, Slant is our thought-leadership column researching many of our industry's trending topics.

    Credits / Art Direction: Anthony Pappas ⋅ Spencer Slemenda

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  • Made Market - Responsive Web Development

    Made Market by Doubletree

    Made Market, a restaurant/cafe spinoff by Doubletree Hotels, is a place to grab a quick, wholesome bite to eat without resorting to nasty fast food.

    Credits / Design: Kyle Conrad ⋅ Co-development: Patrick Glynn, Marty Minton

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  • XO Beauty Behind IT - Web Development

    XO Communications

    The Beauty Behind IT for XO Communications was a campaign to show the beauty behind a seemingly boring industry. We brought in well-known JS artists to create experiences based around each product.

    Credits / Art Direction: Spencer Slemenda

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  • NCTA Redesign - UX Design


    NCTA tasked us to create a redesign that had the modern look-and-feel as their member companies (HBO, Showtime), but still positioned them as a reputable information resource.

    Credits / Art Direction: Spencer Slemenda ⋅ Designer: Kyle Conrad

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  • XO Intelligent WAN - Web Development

    XO Communications

    The Intelligent WAN campaign for XO helped create buzz and provide information around XO's new WAN solution.

    Credits / Art Direction: Spencer Slemenda ⋅ Co-development: Austin Laverty

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  • Borromeo Housing - Web Design & Development

    Borromeo Housing / Createathon DC

    This website was conceived, designed and developed in 72 hours at the Createathon DC as a volunteer effort. This was a very rewarding experience working to help a great cause earn a better web presence.

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  • Comcast Business Class iPad App - UX Design

    Comcast Small Business

    Comcast Small Business wanted to outfit their reps with an easy way to get qoutes for perspective customers while out in the field.

    Credits / Art Direction: Spencer Slemenda ⋅ Designer: Kyle Conrad

    Available Upon Request
  • Ballston BID Redesign - UX Design

    Ballston BID

    Ballston, a neighborhood in Arlington, VA, is quickly growing in the business sector — with this increase in growth, the BID needed a site to best showcase what the town has to offer to future corporate tenants.

    Credits / Art Direction: Stefan Poulos ⋅ Designer: Mike Nugent ⋅ Development: Patrick Glynn

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  • JobCompass Landing Page - PSD Design


    JobCompass needed better conversions from their landing pages during an ongoing email campaign. This page was so successful, they used it as the concept for their new homepage.

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  • TrackMaven Alerts - Email Development


    TrackMaven was on the verge of their launch and needed their platform notification emails to be built out — and work in every client on every browser and device.

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  • CJ Foreign Car - Responsive Web Development

    CJ Foreign Car

    CJ Foreign Car needed a new web presence to better convert from their Google Adwords campaign. I helped bring their CTA's up front, and gave them a clean, modern design.

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Other Projects

Base Template

Base is a starting point for quick, static web design and is built on top of the Gumby Framework grid, and utitlizes both SASS and Compass mixins and functions. It also has support for REM values and other awesome CSS3 tools.

Just clone it, add it to a folder or your new project, then fire compass watch within that directory from Terminal (given that you have Compass installed).

Moving Food

In November 2012, Moving Food took home runner-up in the Angel Hack DC competition, for being an innovative solution to help food truck drivers/owners better manage schedules while utilizing real-time data and social feeds.

Currently, development has halted as we all live busy lives with full-time jobs, but if you are interested in working on this project with my team, email me.

More work can be made available upon request. I want more!

Contact & Work Enquiries

Currently, I work full-time for TrackMaven in Washington, DC. I am not currently accepting any freelance work at this time, but you can drop me a line or give me a shout any time.

hello@wadehammes.com540-308-9233 (VM)